What is The Dark web?

Let us understand in this way. There are two parts of the internet. One is surface web and the second is The Dark web. In this article we will mainly discuss the dark web but for an instance some basic introduction about the surface web is given below too.



So, let us discuss the surface web. Surface web is the part of the internet which can be accessed by any user and that too without using any special technique. Every link we use on the internet on a daily basis are all parts of the surface web. For example- Facebook, Google, Youtube, saurabhsrivastva.in they all are parts of surface web.



The Dark Web

The Dark Web is a part of the internet which cannot be accessed directly. It’s links also do not get indexed on search engines. To access it we use some tools and techniques that’s why it is also known as the hidden web. That means it is a thing which cannot be seen by naked eyes. The links which are on the dark web have .onion as extensions unlike .com or .in. Later on we will discuss the most used method to access the dark web in this article

By whom and why the dark web was started?

It was started by the US  government to allow spies to exchange information completely anonymously. But nowadays It is not being used in the right way or we can say that it is being used in an unethical way. There are many illegal works being practiced on the it.

Is it illegal to access the dark web links?

No, it is not illegal to access dark web links if not done for illegal purposes. It means that accessing it is not illegal but accessing illegal links is illegal and a person also may get punished by the law.

Inside the dark web

Many works take place on the darknet as written earlier some are legal and some are illegal. Here we will discuss some of the illegal works that are being practiced there so that everyone should be aware of the things taking place there.

Dark web silk road

It sounds very interesting but is it really? No, silk road here is referred to as a black market which is there on the hidden dark web. Here all types of illegal drugs are sold which can even kill people. The sellers do these works anonymously as the dark web is very less vulnerable and cannot be tracked easily. If a person surfing it carelessly then also there are chances of getting trapped in these stuffs. There are even some registered cases filed against the sellers but as they are anonymous most probably they get escaped. 

 Silk Road

Child pornography

We all know that child pornography is a punishable act in any country but unfortunately there are some disturbing videos which contains child pornography and sold by the sellers. And again due to its anonymity there are very less chances for the authorities to track them.

Hiring of HITMEN

Those who don’t know what hitmen are? Let me make you understand that hitmen are the people who are paid to kill someone in exchange for money or something else. So, there are some cases related to hitmen also found in records. Sources say that on deep web people also hire hitmen and pay them to do murder in exchange of bitcoins(crypto-currency)

The Red Room

In the dark web some cases related to the red room have been heard too. Red room is a term referred to a room in which a person is tortured by a person who is paid to do so. There are many disturbing videos and articles related to the red room can be found on youtube and google

Disturbing dark web stories

As I wrote above, there are lots of stories and tales related to the Dark web. Some of them are genuine and some of them are myths or some of them are rumored. But the main thing is that before accessing hidden wiki you should always think twice that what is the purpose which is forcing you to visit there. And why not use other resources but if again you only want to access dark web then it’s up to you only but the only thing i will tell you is that you should never visit unwanted links neither in case of deep web nor in case of surface web. Dark web is not a place to roam around as it gets you in major trouble even for a lifetime. So though I am providing the data or instructions about the method to access the dark web i will again suggest you to think twice before entering into it so that the condition doesn’t get worse.

Accessing the dark web

Now the part has come in which i am going to tell you the method of accessing the dark web.

As in one of the above paragraphs i have mentioned that dark web is also known as hidden web and the links associated with dark web always have .onion extensions and they are known as the hidden wiki. So let us make it simple and in points form about what you need.

  • You need an well working android phone

  • A good network connection 

  • A vpn service(paid or free) orbot app can be used as a free vpn and it is also recommended.


  • A special browser known as ‘TOR’ browser

Now beside the above requirement there is one more thing you need to have and that is onion link. I am not going to write or give any onion link to you but you can google it. Search ‘hidden wiki’ on google and you will get tons of results. Some of them will work, some will not.

So, now you have the onion link with you. First you need to activate your vpn from orbot app then you have to execute the tor which is named as ‘orfox’ in playstore. After that when you get your connection established and the tor browser is opened you have to paste the onion link in the url section. And you are done.

I have discussed the method which is mostly used there are many other methods but again you will need some tools. So, you can try this method. It will definitely work if you do it properly. And always keep that in mind that you don’t have to go beyond your knowledge as the result can be drastically horrible. I am clear about i have discussed this method for educational purpose and awareness only. If you have any questions please ask in the comment section and please share our blogs to everywhere it will help and motivate us to write more.