Artificial Intelligence Google

A machine is supposed to be Artificial Intelligence in the event that it can decipher information, conceivably gain from the information and utilize that information to adjust and accomplish explicit objectives


Artificial Intelligence can not do most of the things that humans can perform, which is pretty standard for Artificial Intelligence these days. But even with this much more limited definition of Artificial Intelligence , AI still plays a huge role in our everyday lives.


There are some more obvious uses of AI, like Alexa, google assistant or Roomba, which is kind of like the AI from Science fiction I guess.

We can also use artificial intelligence in combination of The internet of things.


Google Artificial Intelligence Project


Artificial Intelligence Google

There are some Artificial Intelligence google projects from google that you can try some.


First project of which I would like to tell you all about is Giorgio Cam ,with this project you can take a picture of any thing and it will try to guess what that object is by making it sound amazing by playing nice beat and singing along with it for example I use the model aeroplane and motorbikes and it gets it perfectly with the nice and catchy tune.


Second one is a Quick Draw , here , you are given 20 seconds of time and you have to draw what is given ,it’s pretty fun to play and it’s very good and it’s a very amazing time passer. It’s amazing that it can even recognize drawings that look like random scribbles.


Third one is Infinite Drum Machine, here , you can play almost 14,000 sounds just drag the circle to which sound you want and it plays it, if you want a specific sound you can search it by using the filter. You can even create a beat and adjust a tempo if you want to make a song of your own.


There are some more projects like Thing Translator and many more which you can have a look on, if you want to interact with some really interesting stuff.


I would like to say sarcastically that artificial intelligence can also be used in the business field. Like automations, technologies etc


Some more artificial intelligence projects.

E-commerce products recommendations.

It is a very common project you can make. You must have seen that when you go to an eCommerce website and search for products you get various recommendations too. Those recommendations are based on your search.

Here is the role of machine learning. The website tries to read your brain or understand what can be appropriate products which can be similar to what you searched for.


Most popular examples are amazon, flipkart, ebay etc


Virtual game tuner

You can also create virtual game tuners. Let me make it easy. There are many mobile games which require objects to move the character left or right. And here the project comes. You can create a model through which you can make this experience virtual.


My friend modified a game in which the phone camera records the movement of the hand and it makes the game understand the direction of the hand. And the game works fine.


It would not be easy for beginners to create these types of models. But I find these projects quite impressive. So I am listing them here. And I also find this as an awesome artificial intelligence project.


Word Spinner

This can be a very useful app or project you can make. Most of the users use these types of bots. You can make a spinner which alters or changes some words from a sentence or an article to make it unique.


Many bloggers use these types of bots to make their work easier. And these bots work on some algorithms and artificial intelligence.


Face lock

You can create a face recognition lock system through artificial intelligence. In this project you will have to train a model which recognises the face and matches with the original one and if it finds similar then the model unlocks the device.


Nowadays almost every mobile phone has this feature. And this technology is based on Artificial intelligence.


Auto Email Responder

This can be a real life machine learning project. It would also be a great time saver project. In some cases you need to reply to someone with a default email.


Think about how much time it could take. Seeing an email. Then typing a reply and finally sending it.




Google Net Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence Google


Google net is the first network to come along in 2014 that’s secured towards efficiency and by that we mean smaller and faster models prior to Google and we have seen convolutional neural networks such as AlexNet and Oxford Net introduced successful tools such as pooling and dropouts for regularization reasons.


We should care about Google net are that Google that consumes 12 times fewer parameters than AlexNet and at the same time it is more significantly accurate.Google net stays within the targeted  1.5 billion multiply ad budget at  inference time overall computational cost is twice less than AlexNet although the network is much bigger than AlexNet.

Artificial Intelligence Google App for Android

First app on my list is Google Assistant. This Artificial Intelligence google is the speech recognition app introduced or launched  in 2016 by Google. This AI is not only just available on the android phones but also on the refrigerators, cars, and headphones. It supports word and speech entry using NLP (Natural Language Processing) to offer services like speech-activated control, speech search, speech commands, watch shows , movies and youtube videos, it helps with the tasks, it translates  in real-time, it makes appointments, and it sends reminders.


Second app is Face Hub. With this app, you can live transfer your facial expressions to any other face and create amazing GIFs and stickers. It’s a really fun app I must say and you all can make really fun content with it. All you have to do is take a still photo of your face without smiling, choose any country from hub or famous people’s live friends for your facial expression to your chosen character. You can smile , speak and make faces you like to create funny memes.


Third is Film 3D. With this app, you can capture hypnotizing 3 photos. While doing this you have to keep the subject in frame when you are capturing or taking the photos. Stand 1.2-2 m away from the subject and ensure good lighting at all times. Slide phone from left to right until the capture bar is full and make sure the subject is not moving.


Fourth one is Aivon. This is a powerful image analysis powered by Artificial Intelligence google. It can analyze any image and identify any public figures like celebrities, politicians etc. It can identify objects, emotions and give you codes addition based on emotions. You can also just speak to the app to get some answers, search something on the web and conversations.


Fifth one is Judo. It’s a very interesting app.It is very much similar to Apple’s emoji features and they call their version a jumoji-wow. However one thing judo does differently is that it uses Artificial intelligence based technologies to make the characters just look like you.It also has an inbuilt messenger with this you can add your friends and send them your created emojis.


Sixth one is Emojer. With this amazing application you can create animations of yourself. You can make an animated avatar and create animated stories and funny memes.


Google AI Research


Artificial Intelligence Google

Artificial Intelligence Google is playing an important role in changing the scenario of the world.I found it very interesting that the breadth of the application the AI application on which the Google is working on and the second thing which I found very interesting is that some of these application like automated machine learning seem to be taking us closer to general Artificial Intelligence google. 


At Least according to my opinion, one of the trends that Google is working a lot on is AI for social good.This is one of the areas of where Google has been focused on, they have done work on modelling floods and forecasting floods so that’s something very interesting.


They have all supplied machine learning to support childhood learning.They have created an app Bolo that uses speech recognition technology to tutor students in real-time and has helped around 800,000 children to read stories.They have also created a Socratic app that helps high schoolers with higher education topics.


These are only some of the  examples of the thing on which Google is working or researching on this. In this area they seem to be doing lots of partnerships here with the foundation in order to promote AI for social goods.


Google Chat Bot

The Google brain has released Meena ,an open domain chat bot that uses 2.6 billion parameters and shows remarkable Human-like properties.


The google ai chat bot part means a part of software or a machine that we can talk to and the open domain part refers to the fact that we can try topics, hotels, movies, the ocean, favorite movie characters or pretty much anything which we can think of and expect the bot to do well.


What is a Quantum Computer

A computer device is made up of very simple and easy components doing very simple things. Showing data, the means of processing it and control mechanisms. Computer processors contain modules , which contain rational doors, which contain transistors. A transistor is the least complex type of information processor in PCs, basically a switch that can either obstruct or open the way for information coming through.


Artificial Intelligence google Open Source

Google is inventing thousands of new sounds, through the power of new musical AI. Google’s research “Magenta” released an open source AI powered synthesizer. “Nsynth” is a machine learning algorithm that uses a neural network(machine learning) to learn sounds and based on their characteristics Synthesizes entirely new sounds.


Google has created “Nsynth Super”. An experimental instrument using Nsynth AI which includes 16 source sounds across 15 pitches and can output over 100,000 new sounds. By combining the music traits of the original, schematic and source code for the prototype.


Will artificial intelligence take over humans in future?

It is a very interesting topic. Answers can be both yes and no. No one can exactly predict this. Considering present conditions we can say that in some way AI would overtake humans definitely. But according to me there are still some of the tasks which I think are impossible for machines to perform. Still who knows the future.


According to me the question should be will it be helpful?

So the answer here is also yes as well as no. In some ways it would be definitely helpful for humans but it can also reduce employability and activity of humans.

However, nothing is perfect in this world. Everything has its pros and cons.


Who can learn artificial intelligence?

Anyone belonging to a technical field can learn artificial intelligence. I think Ai is an extended version of machine learning only. It is obviously not easy to get into this field but building an interest in this field is very easy and it will also help you to get into the Artificial intelligence field.


From where to learn artificial intelligence?

There are many resources available on google from where you can learn about artificial intelligence. There are many online educational platforms as well. You can start with various open source resources. For advanced level you can go for paid educational programs.


More on Artificial Intelligence.


Artificial Intelligence Chat bot

There are many myths about artificial intelligence. Some of them are true and some of them are really pathetic. Some say that in future artificial intelligence will harm humans due to over developed power. I don’t know how much this could be possible. But this is something which is impossible to predict by me.


According to me in many ways artificial intelligence will help human beings. Especially in the field of medical, automation, automobiles, robotics, engineering fields.


My thoughts on artificial intelligence.

Being an engineering student I really love to explore this field. I am also learning machine learning and I find it very interesting. According to my experience, if you love mathematics, especially statistics, then you are going to love machine learning and artificial intelligence. And pre knowledge of programming will be helpful too.


The above written article is written by myself only. Some of the data might be copied from other sources. In this article I have shared some knowledge which I know. I am also in the learning stage and I don’t claim that I know everything about it.

If you find that i have shared any wrong information please feel free to comment out. Or you can also write to me on the contact page.