Best courses after 10th

Beside school education it is very much important for us to take part in some extra educational field. Not exactly some extra but special. In this article I will give some list of the best courses after 10th standards which anyone can opt after doing their 10th standard. Some of the courses do not have anything to do with your current official studies as they will be totally considered as personality development courses.

Development Courses.(skill development courses after 10th)

Development courses are nothing but courses which focus on developments. For example creating anything, developing anything (building apps, websites, logos etc). The best part of these courses are that you are not only going to learn anything but also going to apply that learning to build or develop something which can also help you in earning or establishing business. Some of the development courses are mentioned below –

  • Web development
  • App development
  • Software development
  • Graphic designer

Web Development

In today’s world web development is in very high demand in industries. Not only it has demand in industry but it is also a very interesting course in the field of development. Learning web development is not very tough work. It also improves skills as by learning web development one gets knowledge of coding and it also results in personality development. Learning web development includes learning languages like python, html, css, java script, PHP etc. One can easily take his/her business ideas online through web development and there are lots of things that can be done through web development. Facebook, Google, Youtube, FOR THE SAKE OF BETTERMENT are created through web developers only.

App development

App development is the process of developing or building applications. It is also in very high demand in the industries. As people always like to work on apps. App is a simple software which makes online work easy. And this is the reason why app developers are always in demand. It is also related to web development as a website can also be converted into an app to reduce its complexity. It is also a game of coding where you have to learn some computer languages. In daily life we are also using apps. For example- Chrome, gmail, map etc

Software development

Software development is somehow a tough course. It is mostly taught in engineering but it can also be learnt from various sources. As we know that learning anything is possible due to the internet so being a computer science engineering course it does not mean that only engineering students can learn this. Software development is also referred to as creating or development of software which we use in our computers or mobile phones. This field has also very high demand in the industry. Companies like google, amazon, tcs, infosys etc hire quality software developers to their core team.


Graphic designer

Best courses after 10th

Graphic design is an art. It is also a development field in which the concerned people deal with graphics such as creating logos, graphical content, animations etc. These developers are also in very high demand. Most film industries have requirements for graphic designers but software development companies also hire them for various purposes.


All the above courses mentioned do not have any limitation to learn. Means you don’t need any schools or colleges to learn those skills. They are easily available on the internet so that one can easily find and start learning. It’s all about passion and interests, it is not like that if you want to be successful then you are forced to take these courses but you can go for them if you have interest or passion.

Iti courses (Industrial training institutes)

Iti or industrial training institutes are the institutes which give you a degree after completion and it is also known as Diploma. Industrial training institutes offers courses in various fields like different branches of technical fields or different branches of non-technical fields. Some of the iti courses of two years engineering trades are mentioned below-

  • Draughtsman Civil 
  • Draughtsman Mechanical 
  • Electrician
  • Electronics Mechanic
  • Information Technology & Electronic System Maintenance 6. 
  • Instrument Mechanic 
  • Machinist Grinder 
  • Mechanic Motor Vehicle 
  • Radio & TV Mechanic 
  • Radiology Technician 
  • Refrigeration & Air Conditioner Mechanic 
  • Surveyor 

Now some of the iti courses with one year engineering trades are

  1. Architectural Assistant 
  2. Auto Electrician 
  3. Automotive Body Repair 
  4. Automotive Paint Repair
  5. Carpenter 
  6. Computer Hardware & Networking
  7. Dent Beating & Spray Painting 
  8. Mechanic Diesel 
  9. Mechanic Tractor 1
  10. Interior Decoration & Designing 
  11. Plastic Processing Operator 
  12. Plumber 
  13. Scooter & Auto Cycle Mechanic 
  14. Sheet Metal Worker
  15. Steel Fabricator 
  16. Welder (Gas & Electric)

Diploma in engineering field

Coming to the point if you are interested in diploma holding programmes then you can also do a Diploma in engineering from any reputed polytechnic college in India. They provide diploma in engineering in the following branches-

  1. Civil engineering
  2. Mechanical engineering
  3. Electronics engineering
  4. Chemical engineering
  5. Metallurgical engineering

I also want to say that everything in this world has both pros and cons. So, before taking admission in you should always do a good analysis of the college, placement, education, ranking etc. So, in future you don’t get any difficulty in finding jobs.

IT and computer science( Best course after 10th)

In the IT and computer science field there are various options available to consider if it comes to the best course after 10th. Even in the above paragraphs I have also discussed some courses which are common in IT and computer science courses as well.

  • Web development
  • App development
  • Software development
  • Graphic design
  • Certificate in digital marketing
  • Computer languages like java, python, java script, PHP etc
  • Certificate in search engine optimization

These can be also considered as the best courses after 10th as they are easily available on the internet to learn. And you can easily do practicals as well. And most importantly, by applying these learning you can even start earning by doing freelancing.

Ethical hacking

Though this course also comes under the IT and computer science section but then also i considered it to put it alone in front of you. It is also the most demanded field nowadays. People always ignore this course as they think there is no career in ethical hacking. But believe me it is the best course after 10th class too. Thousands of applications or software are being developed or created everyday and they also need security. And ethical hacking can provide security to the software so it is also in high demand. Because it is also a computer science course, it is also very easily available to learn with certificate programmes on the internet.

Stock market(best course after 10th)

Best courses after 10th

Learning the core of stock market can lead to a very successful career. Due to some myths, the stock market has a very low reputation in career. But we can not forget that there are many people born in the world who started stock marketing at a very early age and succeeded in their career. The biggest example is Warren buffet (stock market investor). He bought his first stock at the age of 11 and he paid his first return at the age of 11 too. According to Forbes he is the 4th richest person in the world(data may vary).


After 10th courses for girl

All the courses mentioned above are not given on the basis of any  gender. Anyone can do these courses as these courses are independent of gender parameters. There are some parameters or restrictions applied in case of the Defence field. There are very less Defence fields in which girls can apply. Otherwise all the courses mentioned above are for everyone.

which is the best course after 10th class

The above mentioned courses are the best courses after 10th. But still the question arises which is the best course after 10th class? As i have already written that it’s a matter of passion and interest. So, doing any of these courses will get you something for your future and not only future but it will also give you extra skills. Now, the difficult part would be that which course is right for me? No one can understand you better than you so it’s very much important to know your goal and follow the guidelines to achieve it. And these courses can make your goal easier. 


My final words for the article (Best courses after 10th)

This article is all about the best courses after 10th. This article is written with my personal experience. There are lots of more courses available but it was not possible to mention each and every course in one article. If anyone is not interested in doing any extra course then also it is ok. But most of the courses which I mentioned do not affect your secondary education as they are skills developing courses. And one more advantage of these courses is most of the above courses can be learnt online  with very less expense or some can be found even for free. And because most of them are online courses, you are not going to waste your precious time in going to offline institutes.

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Enjoy your courses and feel free to ask anything in the comment section, I will make sure that you get your answer. It was a great experience of writing this article(Best courses after 10th)Thank you!

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