Email Marketing Examples or electronic marketing examples

Before we get familiar with Email Marketing Examples, firstly we should try to know why email is so great. So some of the basic features of the email is that you can reach them when and where you want.

There is no throttling like in social media like facebook limits amount of your fans that can see your posts. Your email patiently waits for your reader to view it but on facebook or twitter your follower needs to log in soon after sending it. Your recipient can forward the email and/or act upon it. Email is the affordable way to connect.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is nothing but a mode of marketing which is used to increase the number of audiences through emails. There are many service providers of email marketing which will be discussed in this article.And there are many email marketing tutorials available on google, youtube etc. You can go for it. The words written above can be stated as email marketing definition or e marketing definition.

Types of email marketing

There are almost nine types of email marketing:-

  • The Welcome Email Series
  • The Standard Promotional Campaign
  • The Seasonal Campaign
  • The Triggered Email Series
  • The Post-Purchase Drip
  • The Connect-Via-Social Campaign
  • The Newsletter
  • The Cart Abandonment Campaign
  • The Re-Engagement Campaign


The Welcome Email Series

When crafting welcome email you should keep four important facts in your mind which are as follows:-

  • Impress your customers
  • Showcase your brand in proper way
  • Always greet and say thanks
  • Give them a little gift

Some of the email marketing examples of things you should have in your welcome series :-

  • Fulfillment and Introduction
  • Invite them to your social media
  • Get to know them


The Standard Promotional Campaign

These emails have been sent by the brands in your inbox. This is the most well-known of the email promoting efforts and presumably the one generally natural to you.


Here are a few things that can add flavor to your conventional email advancement:

  • Provoke emotion
  • Add humor
  • Leave them curious
  • Give a free product
  • Use slogans from popular music
  • Use color, images and font that grabs attention
  • Give a free product

The Seasonal Campaign


Some of the things you should keep in mind while doing this campaign:-

  • FIrstly you should pre plan. It will give you an edge to your rivals.
  • You should determine the goals of your campaigns.
  • Create your quality and seasonal content.
  • You should determine the target audience.
  • Review your marketing strategies.


The Triggered Email Series

 You can have a user’s action trigger a series of targeted and relevant emails with automated email marketing.

It might happen that they click on your shopping email link and add a product in their cart but did not buy a thing, downloaded a piece of content, bought something, or responded to a survey. Here and there, their conduct “set off” the dribble crusade they are presently entered in.

There are four types of trigger you can use in your email marketing toolbox:-

  • Campaign Activity
  • List Management
  • Workflow Activity
  • Ecommerce

The Post-Purchase Drip

I think the post-purchase drip is just witty email marketing!

This is an email arrangement that is sent not to sell fundamentally yet as a basic follow up to a buy.

For example, an email can help me to find how to clean and take care of gadgets. The following email could be a formula utilizing the tool…and so on. From an emotional point of view, the post-purchase drip builds faith and delight with customers because you’re delivering value after you have already made the sale. Yet each one of these emails is still a chance to up-sell and cross-sell.


The Connect-via-Social

The social crusade is one that crosses channels from email into online networking and possibly back again to email.

It’s another type of email marketing campaign that asks to engage people in their news-feed. You have so many options with this mode, from Facebook to Instagram.

The Newsletter


Email Marketing Examples

Some of the most popular emails around are newsletters sent out by brands like theSikkim. But it’s not all give on your part. You also get the advantage of staying at top in people’s consideration, building loyalty to your brand, and providing contents full of quality to grown more and more audiences.

The Abandoned Cart Series

Abandoned Cart emails can also be considered as an email marketing campaign.

This type of email series(The Abandoned Cart series) like welcome emails—seems to have more open rates and conversions in the market. However, they are more complex for the beginner to take on, but should be on everyone’s range for implementation.

 The Re-Engagement Campaign

The re-engagement campaign is a series of the emails/electronic mails sent to the subscribers who are not active or who are inactive.

Email list rate of attrition is about 25-30% per year. The very most common thing is people change their emails, name of the company.

What are Email Marketing tools


Email Marketing examples

Some of the best email marketing tools are:-

  • Hubspot Email Marketing
  • MailGenius
  • Litmus
  • Mail  Chimp
  • Reach Mail
  • Target Hero
  • Drip
  • Mad Mimi
  • Cake Mail
  • Mailjet


Hubspot Email Marketing


HubSpot offers a trusted and feature-packed email marketing tool that is there for growing businesses — for free of cost. You can create professional marketing emails that attract and grow your audience with the easy and non technical or easily drag and drop email builder. With the drag-and-drop email builder, you don’t need to wait on IT or designers for help.On top of the free email tool, you can use the HubSpot CRM  for free to create tailored touch-points for your customers. 



Another email marketing service and it is the most used email marketing tool in the world. Import your contact list, upload it there, make a campaign, build up your audiences.

The import happens in the background and hence you can work on building your campaign. You always have the option to choose if everyone in your list gets the email/electronic mail or a specific compartment only – the process is very much customizable.




Mail Genius is a free tool that inspects your emails and finds possible triggers that might get your messages sent to the spam folder. You can run a deliverability test to ensure your email actually reaches your recipient’s inbox. Otherwise, it won’t be opened.

The tool lays out all the things you can do to avoid landing in the spam folder along with actionable advice and explanations on how to fix any issues you may have.


Drip is a multitalented email marketing platform which is surrounded with a number of useful features, including message personalization, integration with e-commerce platforms including Shopify, comprehensive data analytics and much more.



Litmus is an exceptionally flexible apparatus through which you can use to test and track email. You can test your emails or electronic mails in traditional web-clients and also popular operating systems like- Android, Apple and Windows.

Use Litmus for render testing and ensure your imagination is enhanced for some random gadget. You can test in excess of 40 customers and gadgets and with a minor snap, Litmus can produce a test email to a location so you can send it to your ESP. Inside minutes you’re going to see wanted programs, ISPs and gadgets.

Reach Mail

Use Reach Mail’s Message Testing highlight to see an immediate presentation measurements examination of upwards of five individual email battles. This feature also takes into account different subject lines or content within each and every email, so you can optimize the subject line wording or determine how any given email performs in contrast to others.

Target Hero

Target Hero has a special “what you see is what you get” editor, image hosting, HTML as well as plain text emails, and a host of features you would want to have in email marketing software.

This tool is ok or ideal for business which requires many more features but this tool often lacks in a large subscribers list.


Cake Mail

CakeMail’s tools have your email campaign covered. One of the great features of it is split A/B testing. For example-  to help in determining the most ideal mailing list or Spam Assassin to make sure your emails don’t end up in spam. There is Google Integration as well to let you view detailed stats on how each campaign is faring.


Use Mailjet to helpfully combine format-based marketing and transactional email sending in one online app. Add to that a discussion service to boot, and you’re all set.

You can manage email lists, stats and templates all under Mailjet’s interface, but in the end, you get to decide how you want them to be sent. For example, you can use the app’s UUID to create a campaign or you could use the API integration and use a few lines of code to launch a formatted email campaign to your contacts.

Mad Mimi

You can create professional-level emails with Mad Mimi’s straightforward WYSIWYG editor. Choose from 39 social networking buttons like share, like, pin and retweet and easily customize your emails or electronic mail to add links.

Some of the Email Marketing Companies

Despite being the oldest online marketing medium, Email Marketing is still considered the most powerful medium to generate leads and ensure conversions. With the evolution of the Digital World, Email Marketing has soared as well in the recent past, and in today’s time, no one can deny the importance that Email Marketing or electronic marketing Agencies hold in targeting leads and boosting ROI.

Top ten best Email Marketing Companies are:-

  • Mail Marketer
  • Mailget Bolt
  • Kenscio
  • Juvlon
  • VibeMail
  • Crux Mailer
  • Hems Mail
  • Brainpulse


More Email Marketing Tips


Email Marketing Examples

Email or electronic mail is one of the most successful online marketing mediums on the web/internet. Experimental studies have shown and proved that email marketing helps in generating even more sales than social media giants Facebook and Twitter, which is why you probably want all the email marketing tips you can get.


Despite what a few people think about email, it is as yet the most dependable (and clear) approach to create more business. By getting into the power of email marketing small businesses can not only get more quality leads but also connect to their prospects at a higher level – ending up converting them into customers. This applies to essentially every industry or claim to fame out there.

Let us investigate 10 handy and powerful email promoting tips that you can apply today to improve your business numbers.

  • Know and Understand Your Target Audience.
  • Use the Double Opens Strategy
  • Keep Your Emails Short
  • Send Regular, Consistent Emails
  • Make the Most Use of Your Subject Line
  • Have a Dedicated Page of Your Landing Campaign 
  • Split Test of Your Emails
  • Personalize Each Emails
  • Make Your Emails Valuable
  • Repeat Your Successful Emails 


Email marketing tutorial

There are lots of tutorials available online as well as offline. I will not promote any of them here. But again there are trust issues . So please use your common sense to choose between genuine and fake tutorials. And i always recommend to go with free sources like read some blogs, google, or from youtube

You must read-




What are email marketing templates?

Email marketing templates are nothing but the front end of your campaign. Means it is the design or look you give to your email. There are lots of benefits in using templates. Using templates make your campaign attractive for the audiences. And it also helps in conversions. Different companies have different plans and pricing for templates but some of them provide for free. You should always use them. So, email marketing templates give you attractive designs.

Is email marketing free?

The answer for this question is yes as well as no. Most of the service providers give you a free start but after you start using it and when you require more features then they start to charge. So email marketing is not free indirectly.

My final thought.


Email Marketing Examples

This article(email marketing examples) is written with my personal experience. I also do email marketing for my blogs to keep my audience updated. And I must tell you that it helps me a lot. Even i do electronic marketing for my affiliate websites too.

 There are many other ways you can get knowledge about email marketing. But in this article i have written almost everything you need to know before you start it.

This is not a tutorial article. The article is written about how it works. Why you should use it. What are its advantages and how useful it is. I cannot recommend you to any service provider because I am not promoting any of them. But if you want to use them then you should firstly check their review and then you can go for it.

The article (Email marketing examples) is not only about examples but also about different aspects of email marketing.

For any more queries related to this article you can comment on it or you can send me a private mail in contact us forum. It really motivates me to write more.

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