Engineers in India

Whenever it is asked about the definition of engineer then everyone knows that engineer is a person who builds, or maintains engines, machines, or structures. But in India are the engineers doing like that as it is defined? No, because in India engineers have a desire to work in giant corporate like google, amazon, facebook, or any technical corporate companies. Is it wrong to have desires like these? In this article we will discuss about the engineers in India.


A technocrat or a corporate Servant

A technocrat is known as a person with scientific knowledge or technical skills as the engineers have in them. But why are they not using their skills in inventions, starting their own startup, entrepreneurship?  There are also some of them who take interest in these fields. According to me the the line which describe the work of engineers is-

“Engineers are born to rule the corporate but not to serve the corporate.”

But unfortunately it is not going like that. We cannot blame the engineers alone for these thoughts. There are many reasons which force them to do so. Some of the reasons are listed below:-

  • Frequency of genuine engineers in our country.
  • Education system of our country
  • Responsibility in an early age
  • Failure of government

Number of genuine engineers in India


In India the number of engineers in India is very high and it is increasing too. Recent research suggests  that about 1.5 millions of engineers graduate every year in India. But 90% percent of the engineers lack in skills (having more theoretical knowledge and less practical knowledge). It is also said in a sarcastic way that if you spit from your terrace on the ground then most probably it would fall on an engineer. It shows that in every group of five people the fifth is an engineer. So coming to the point the main purpose of this point is there are very few engineers in India who have skills to do anything and no doubt they are doing well. And according to the stats in percentage of unemployed engineers in India in 2019 was 80%

Education system of our country

Unfortunately our education system is not not quite good. In IIts also students have the dreams to get jobs in companies like google, amazon. I am not against these things but if you see they can do even better for our country and if not for the country then also they can do something well. I am not saying that getting a job in google is not good even it is a matter of pride but i am only saying that having aim to work in google or to serve the corporate is not good according to me. Again in IITs also there have been some students who did well and there are also some who are doing well. But the Indian education system also should take initiative to make the students aware of innovations, startup, entrepreneurship, or opening incubation clubs so that students take part in it and start applying their creativity.

Engineers in india





Responsibility at an early age

It is also an important factor which forces our students to always be in search of a job so that they can earn for their families. In India due to unemployment and illiteracy there are many places in which people live in poor conditions. And if any child from their home comes out for higher studies then he/she would be forced to first search a source of income then follow his passion of dream. And due to these responsibilities at an early age they give up their dreams and all and they study only to get jobs or any source of income.

Failure of the government 

All above points are genuine but somehow they are related to my last point. Failure of the Indian government. By writing this point I am not pointing to any specific government. It’s an article and I have to be neutral. But one cannot skip this point that at some points the government of India is also responsible for these conditions. As I have discussed about the education system, it is also a part of the government as it is totally controlled by the government only. Secondly, having many engineers in the IT/software field in India, the government has never worked on IT/software industries and as a result mostly the software engineers get hired by private companies as there are very less vacancies in government organizations in the field of IT/software department. And hence the engineers in India are more interested to work in foreign countries or giant companies.

What can be the solution?


According to me this is not an issue which is caused by one thing. There are many reasons, even more than what i have mentioned. But still some of the points below can be helpful in this matter-

  • Integrating mentor-ship programme in every school and colleges.
  • Opening of Incubation clubs for the engineers in India
  • Practical and theoretical knowledge should be given properly especially in engineering.
  • Do it yourself approach
  • Decreasing the fee in educational field
  • Increasing budget for the education field in India.


The most important question was Engineers in India-a technocrat or a corporate servant? In this article i have written everything which i could think and the answer of this question is up to you people what you think after reading this article.  The article (Engineers in India) is not written to criticize anything but to explain the current conditions of engineers in India. If you need any topic to be discussed then just visit and go to contact us page and write there.