How to learn coding 

In this article I will be writing about how to learn coding. Not only how to learn coding but many different aspects or discussions about coding. Like what is coding, importance of learning coding, which language to start with, coding as a career etc. This article is written by me means i am only sharing my point of views so at the end it is you to decide. So, let’s start.

What is coding?

Let’s start with the basic question: what is coding? Here coding is referred to technology only.. In computer systems coding is handwritten code or instruction written in a language to make the machine do what you want it to do. They are written in language so basically to learn coding you need to learn languages. It is coding only which is used to make apps, software, games etc. Now the question arises what is a computer language? Basically, the way we communicate with each other with specific languages like that only to make the machine understand something you need to communicate in their language only. Computers understand machine language. So people learn syntax of different programming languages and write their code in it and after that it is converted to machine language.

Why to learn coding?

There can be many reasons why a person wants to learn coding. For some they have passion for coding, some try to learn coding for personality development, some choose coding for their career in future etc. Reason for learning coding can be anything but one should always have dedication for learning coding as it can be tough too because you are learning a different language which you don’t even speak. But learning coding is very much interesting too.


Types of languages.

There are many languages in the market. I will not go into very deep detail. But basically there are two types of languages and they are- 

  • Low level language
  • High level language

Low level language

Low level language is a machine friendly programming language that provides little or no abstraction of programming concepts or very close to assembly language. For example- machine language etc. Learning low level language is difficult as it is not programmer friendly but machine friendly. And low level language is also less efficient.

High level language

A high level language is a programmer friendly language with strong abstraction from the details of the computer. For example- Java, C, C++, BASIC etc. High level languages are comparatively easy to understand as it is a programmer friendly language. It is also more efficient.


Which language to start with.

This is the most common question that arises when you decide to learn coding. See there is no such parameters to choose. But you should choose language according to your purpose only. Like for app development java is recommended though it can be done by other languages too. Or for backend java script or python is recommended. You can also go for reviews. Like asking coders about the difficulty of the syntax. Otherwise you can also go for trending languages like python, java, etc. Some recommend python, some recommend java but they recommend because they have specialty in those languages but you can start with any language and it’s up to you.

Some of the best languages

  • Python
  • Java
  • C/C++
  • JavaScript


Python is an interpreted, high level programming language.with dynamic semantics. It was created by Guido van Rossum. The language is written in C. Python is the most common language used for application development. I love this language because of its simplicity. Unlike other languages python is very easy to learn. You can use its official documentation to learn python. And as I said that it is used in application development it is also used in competitive programming. Python comes with many libraries built in it. Like- Django, Flask etc. Nowadays python developers are also in demand as it is the most popular language.


Java programming

Java is also a high level programming language used in both competitive as well as development programming. It was developed by sun microsystems. And the best part of it is that java is very fast, secure as well as reliable. It is also an easy computer language to learn. And if you are willing to learn to code apps then this is the best platform to use. It is because of its popularity as an app developer. Java is very famous among the app developers, web developers. Even you can get a quick answer to your problems if you are stuck at any point while learning java. Some java libraries are- Guava, Maven etc.

C language

C is the most widely used general purpose language. This programming language programming supports structured programming, lexical variable scope, and recursion. Many institutions in India or foreign start their teachings with C programming. People say it is the basic programme of a computer system. C is mainly used in software development, coding games etc. It is also not a very difficult language to learn and one can start programming with C language.This is a mid-level language. Python is written on C only.



Javascript is often abbreviated as JS. It is a high-level dynamic computer programming language. Don’t confuse Javascript as Java. They both are very different languages created by different people. I have read somewhere that when javascript was created that time java was very popular and so the developer decided to name that language as javascript to make it popular as the name was very much similar. Javascript is a web browser language and mainly used for backend(web development) or app development.


how to learn coding on your own

Learning coding on your own is more effective and productive rather than to join some local institutes. Because learning on your own gives you an opportunity to explore things. You also become more creative because you will be leaning from scratch. Now how can you learn coding on your own? You know the word internet right? That is enough. There are plenty of resources available on the internet. Even there are some specialised course websites too. Like coursera, udemy etc which provide you courses.

How to code for beginners(FAQ)

I have written this article for beginners only. All the methods listed are based on learning code for beginners only. And I was also a beginner when I started to learn to code. And this article(How to learn coding) is also written with my personal experience. 

learn to code for free

Is it possible to learn to code for free? Yes, in the above paragraph I have written about how you can learn coding. But some of them are free and some are paid. There are many websites that allow you to learn for free. Like youtube is a free platform for learning anything not only coding.

Udemy is a paid platform but still it gives coupons for some of the free courses. Coursera is a paid platform but it also gives you financial aid. The best resource I would recommend is to read the official documents. You will get it boring as they don’t teach with graphical methods but they are really worth it.

how to learn coding fast

Everyone in this world is trying to be very fast but hold on. You can only expect from your potential or your hard work. As i have written earlier also coding can be difficult to learn for some people but dedication can make it easy and fast. Some of the experienced people do it very fast as they are already aware of sequences and some newbies find it sometimes difficult at starting. But learning always takes time and if you follow the above points then you can do it at a less time than normal.

best way to learn how to code(learn to code in a month or two)

In the above paragraphs i have mentioned a few times about how to learn code but still when it comes to best then i have my own methods. I use combinations of things to learn code and I find it more efficient and fast. According to me the best way to learn how to code is firstly you should always go through the official documents of the language. Then you should start doing projects on whatever you have learnt. After that for more concepts you should start freelancing which will result you in understanding more conceptual things about coding. That’s all how I learn coding. And I consider it the best way to learn programming from scratch.

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How long does it take to learn programming to get a job?

The most common question is how long to learn programming to get a job. It is not quite right to say about the exact duration of learning. But first of all you should see what the company is looking for. Like, they always need employees who are having more practical knowledge rather than theoretical language . And this can be achieved by practising more and more. Or solving algorithms, arithmetic questions etc. And if everything is right then you will surely get the job.

Some frequently asked questions

In this section I will be answering some of the most common questions regarding coding. There is very much confusion generated on how to learn coding so I will be clearing some of the doubts.

how to learn computer programming by yourself pdf?

I always appreciate it if anyone is willing to learn something on his/her own. The best thing is that self study gives you an opportunity to increase your thinking capabilities. And yes by pdf too you can learn coding. I have even discussed official documents of languages. They are written in words only. Some even provide pdf too. So you are free to go for pdf as I also consider it as one of the best learning sources for coding.

how to learn coding fast for free?

Learning coding fast is up to you only. It is your potential and dedication which will decide the learning duration of coding. I have mentioned above also that learning takes time especially if you want perfection in it. So fast/quick learning is a good thing but if it is taking time as you are a beginner then let it be. But for free learning you have plenty of options like reading Ebooks, watching videos(free source) etc.


how to code a game?

If we go deeper in this question then let me tell you this is a technical question. This article is about how to learn coding. So i am not going to teach coding in this article. But all the above mentioned points are also related to this question. If you see the article carefully you will notice that i have written about what projects you can do or i have also mentioned some of the languages with their functions. Coding a game will only be done if you are a coder and willing to go for game development. Languages like C, C++, Java, Python etc are the platforms generally used for game development.

how to write html code for beginners?

how to learn coding

It is also a technical question. But let me discuss something about HTML programming. This language is not like other languages. Means the functionality of this language is also different. It is a web development language used in frontend coding. Html is a language which is used for website building like writing the content on a website is an example of html coding.This language comes with some attributes, syntax etc and it is very easy to learn. Once you learn html code then you are ready to write html code as a beginner.

Can I join any code academy?

Yes, you can join any code academy for quick learning. Even adobe mentioned methods also come under code academies only. I have written that you should focus more on self study as it gives you more thinking capacity. So the source you will be using for your self study will also come under code academy only. At the end if you want to learn anything not only coding then you require some mediums like academy, institutions, classes. The only thing you need to do is cross check the source you are using. It should be genuine and transparent.

My final thoughts on how to learn coding.

This article (how to learn coding) is written with my personal experience as I am also a coder and trying to increase my skills more. I have mentioned some of the languages but you can go for any of them, even you can go for any other language which is not mentioned. The only thing is passion and dedication in learning. You will surely become a good coder if you follow these steps. At some point I may be not correct because this article is handwritten and not copied. So i apologize for that too. Let me know how informative my article was. And suggest more to me more on my contact page. It really motivates me to write more.

Some materials or study package you can go for.