Internet of Things definition and its applications – Basic instruction about the Internet of Things definition and its applications

In this article (Internet of things definition) i am going to explain about iot. The title expresses about the definition and applications but this article is not only about definition and its application but various types of detailed explanations. It is written on the basis of online research and experiences.

There is no doubt in telling that the Internet of things is changing the world. It is something very magical and very interesting. And believe me that you won’t find it boring at all. So let’s start from the beginning only.

Internet of Things definition 

The Internet of Things(IoT) definition is a system of interconnected computing devices, mechanical and digital machines provided with unique identifiers (UIDs) and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction and also they can interact and collaborate.

The internet as we know it is going to change today. It’s a massive global network that allows people to communicate with each other  through which we send emails ,we send instant messages, we use websites to communicate and share data. The data that we send comes from client devices like a laptop ,or a tablet, or smartphone and it goes to some server and the servers then transmit that data.

The entities are made up of  three major actors– the people , the client devices they use and the servers but a whole new category of actor is being added to the internet they have been unglamorous. Lee called things hence the term instead of things we call the Internet of things (IoT).

So what are actually things , so it is an object that has a sensor attached to it that can transmit the data from the sensor further up into the the internet, into the cloud where it can be analyzed. So this is basically the definition of the  Internet of Things definition.


Working of Internet of Things (IoT) definition

Internet of Things Definition- SAURABH SRIVASTVA

The sensors of the Internet of Things(IoT) definition which we were talking about earlier are of some types. Examples of such sensors include temperature sensors, traffic sensors, flow rate sensors, energy usage monitors and so on.

A temperature sensor can be placed in a smart thermostat , a smart electricity usage meter can be wired into a house or traffic monitor can be placed into a traffic signal.

These things then send data further up the chain and either a person or a piece of computer software makes a decision based on that data it won’t be long and maybe it’s already happened but there will be more things on the internet sending data around on actual people using internet enabled devices the cell phone, the internet, email, social media, and smartphones have all changed the way we do things both at a personal and at a business level.

Clearly the internet of things will do the same thing with our personal lives and professional lives and they will be affected, how it will be affected isn’t fully understood but for sure it will change things.


Application of Internet of Things iot (internet of things applications)



IoT in everyday life

This is probably a hallmark in the internet of things (iot) industry as it is also one of the first industries to deploy the Internet of Things(IoT) at service. So let me give an example of how the Internet of Things(IoT)can serve us in our daily lives.

Consider a home appliance such as an air conditioner, currently what you do is that you go home and turn on your A.C.  and wait for it to reach the temperature that you like, say about 23° celsius. So till here you can not see any type of problem because it is a proper functional setting but what if it could be better.

What if your car was 5 minutes away  from your A.C. and it receives messages, what if it was connected to a cloud which has a dashboard containing all the relevant information like the location of your car , the outside temperature or the temperature at which you liked your room.

Your A.C. could then turn on before you arrived and create a great atmosphere that you like. Wouldn’t something be amazing, for this we should thank the Internet of Things(IoT). The Internet of Things(IoT) definition can be connected to various everyday things like Fitbit, PC, Music, Flight services, Home appliances and so on.


IoT in healthcare

Most of you heard about smart medicine dispensers by now. As the name suggests it’s basically the smart appliances that stores dispensers and manages the medicine. This is a very small piece of a very big picture. The health care and general practice of medicine majorly faces issues one or more of these three things medical research, devices, care.

The Internet of Things definition could be the answer to all these problems because it provides real time data, it makes devices smarter and it provides far superior analytics. The Internet of Things(IoT) improves health care professionals and improves the quality of care. Finally, it ultimately reduces the unsustainable high cost of medicinal demise.

In this way there are many applications of the Internet of Things(IoT) such as IoT in smart cities which makes the city smarter by solving the problem of housing issues, waste management, water resource management, traffic management and pollution.

One of them is the IoT in agriculture in which IoT provides precision farming, smart irrigation, smart greenhouse by solving the problem of inaccuracy of agricultural practices, labour and training cost, irregularity due to physical monitoring.


Programming Language used for the Internet of Things(IoT) 

Internet of Things(IoT) definition is one of the most popular fields of technology. It is the innovation in this field and is too fast to keep up as more and more devices are getting connected to the internet every single hour.

We know that these devices communicate and transfer data to end from other computers across the internet but how do they operate internally. How end in which languages are these devices are programmed or coded to function just in a way they are supposed to be.

The Internet of Things(IoT) devices or iot devices do not use any unknown languages we never heard of, mostly they use the popular language to work as the generally used microcomputers like Ross Berry PA.

The use of general purpose programming languages encourages more developers to get their hands on a body research. In a survey conducted by the eclipse foundation, Java, C, Python, Javascript are found to be the top four programming or coding languages used for the Internet of Things devices.

Top Internet of Things companies

Internet Of Things Definitin=SAURABH SRIVASTVA

The  Internet of Things(IoT) is changing the concept of doing business in this world of reality by enabling wireless connectivity between everyday objects across organizations. This technology is surely unshackling new innovation in various fields. It helps companies to streamline their processes, enhance productivity and improve efficiency and operations across multiple industries.

Those, who understand what power the  Internet of Things(IoT) holds to dramatically transform their business, have already started bringing changes in their productivity. Companies that have adopted this technology are able to offer better and improved products and services to their customers.

So the top  Internet of Things(IoT) companies excelling the technology adoption and its implementation across business worldwide are as follows:-



    Internet of Things(iot) as a startup

    By reading the article it is almost understandable that iot is a part of study. And that too in the technical department.Mostly used in engineering fields. According to me if you are studying something then you should always apply it in real life.

    The Internet of Things can be used in starting a business. Like inventing something which can be used in our daily lives.

    Many examples can be seen. Ola, Uber, Amazon, etc. They are the examples of some startups which were started during the learning period of their founders. So, why not in the field of Internet of Things.

    If you are planning to learn this technical thing then you should think about new innovations.

    Some of the Internet of things projects or iot projects

    Internet Of Things Definitin-SAURABH SRIVASTVA

    If you are wondering about this question then let me make it simple. There are plenty of projects you can do with the help of the Internet of Things. Only because you have not learnt about it or you do not know deeply about the Internet of Things, you are asking this question.

    Because when you start learning about anything then you get to know about different things about it. Now let us quickly have a look on some of the Internet of Things projects or iot projects.

    • Face recognition device
    • Air pollution monitoring systems
    • Iot based alarm clocks
    • smart irrigation system
    • Digitally smart fans
    • IOT smart parking system
    • smart traffic monitoring systems etc

    Internet of things platform list(iot platform list)

    An iot platform is a multi-player technology which is used to manage and automate the connected devices. In other words we can say that it is a service which helps us bring physical objects online. I am going to share some  of the best iot platforms which can be used. For more information you can also search for iot platform wiki.


    Internet of things Microsoft

    We all know that Microsoft is a very big company in the field of software technology. Microsoft products are used widely almost everywhere. So, now what about the internet of things?

    I have mentioned Microsoft azure IoT hub. It is an online platform of the internet of things and it is developed by Microsoft. The programme is not totally free. But you get a trial option there with some limited uses.

    After that it asks for a paid subscription. Actually iot platforms are nothing but engines deployed on cloud. Means you are using heavy engines for your work virtually.


    More information about the Internet of Things definition.

    Internet Of Things Definitin-SAURABH SRIVASTVA

    I do not claim that the information shared about the Internet of things definition in this article is perfect or it covers all the information. I always say that one should not rely only on one source.

    There is more and more information available about iot definition. There are many paid platforms too if you need deep knowledge about the Internet of Things. If you do some searches on the internet like if you google Internet of things then you will also get many blogs written on it.

    But this article also defines the internet of things(iot) in a simple way. There are many internet of things pdf available on google you can also take a look at them.

    My final thought on the article Internet of things definition and its applications

    I really enjoyed writing this article not only because it comes under my field but because I got to learn new and interesting things too about the Internet of things(iot).

    And I love to write articles related to technology and you will find mostly tech related articles on my website because I also belong to the engineering field. When I started my engineering career I was also not aware of these things but it took me some time to get into these all and so I started loving technology.

    The Internet of things definition is totally written on personal experience and some of the details are taken from online resources. This article is written about the Internet of things definition and its applications.

    It is not a tutorial because I write blogs here. I have not launched any courses yet but who knows but the best is yet to come. So stay updated and please feel free to ask us anything in the comment as well as contact us section. Thankyou and have a techie day.

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