Is digital marketing important?[for beginners in 2020]


Did you ever think of digital marketing? Advantages and disadvantages of learning digital/marketing marketing. Where to learn this thing? What to do after learning or taking a course on it? Is digital marketing important? Alright, if you are wondering about these things then you are at the right place. In this article I will discuss every essential thing about this platform. I am not writing this article as an essay on is digital marketing important or importance of digital marketing essay. I am writing this article as a case study.

What is digital or online marketing?

So, you all know about marketing. This industry is nothing but the part of marketing related to internet or online based online technology or digital products. When I say online products then it does not only mean online products but offline products marketing can also be optimized by this method. So, basically it is a process of marketing of products digitally. One more thing , this is not something related to coding/programming or you don’t have to worry about any kind of mathematical algorithms.


Purpose of the extraordinary online marketing industry.

It is already discussed about why we actually do various marketing. The purpose of digital marketing is marketing of products which does not mean earning but ultimately it’s a way to generate income. If you think that the purpose of this industry is to earn money then please read this article carefully. I have already mentioned that it cannot be a direct source of earning because it is a totally different thing. But it is also right that indirectly money can be generated through this industry and there are many people working on this and making money already.

5 Benefits of digital marketing.

There are lots of benefits of online marketing. It always helps in increasing the popularity of the product so ultimately this method increases the sale of the product. Nowadays the internet is being used world wide. Even for a simple thing which we don’t know we try to gather information from the internet. And it is done only through online interaction. So without any physical labor we achieve our goal but then only when you are an expert in online marketing. There are many more benefits like-

  • Targeting a particular audience.
  • Less effort but high conversion.
  • Efficient marketing.
  • Targeting of specific geographical region audiences.
  • Less investment but high traffic.

Strength of digital/online marketing.

As I have discussed some of the benefits of online marketing industry, we can also say that online marketing is the most powerful tool in the marketing industry. Due to having control on marketing of anything in any geographical area it makes it the most powerful tool in today’s generation. Strength of digital marketing can be understood by examples of affiliate marketers. They take responsibility for selling a product which does not belong to them and they do online marketing for it’s selling. Ultimately they increase the selling of the product. And if you don’t know then this information is for you only. There are crores of people in the world working in this industry and making a good sum of money. SO that’s how the strength of online marketing can be explained.

Digital marketing strategy.

There are lots of methods and strategies used by experts in the field of online marketing. Some of them are- 

  • Advertisement
  • Search engine optimization.
  •  social media marketing to drive more traffic
  •  Blogging with quality content to get ranked in search engines.
  •  creating back links etc.  

However the strategies used in this field are not the same in every case. It only depends on the experts. Some experienced people do it differently based on their experiences. Online marketing is something to learn and experience.(is digital marketing important?)

Disadvantages of this industry.

I never want you to only know positive aspects of a thing because it can also get you into trouble. This article (is digital marketing important) is not all about what the title is. But I will also try to explain this department with different angles. So, there are some disadvantages of digital marketing too. Some of them are:-

  • Knowledge is required.
  • Not good for marketing in small areas only.
  • Hiring a digital marketer is itself expensive.
  • Totally experimental so all the time algorithms get variations.
  • 0% on ground marketing.

Learning the core of it.


There are lots of courses available on the internet about online marketing. I remember I had written an article on network marketing. And I had discussed how people are doing fraud by providing worthless courses for the sake of their good earnings. So like that only in this field also there are numbers of courses available on the internet. And many of them are worthless. I personally recommend a free digital marketing course by google. It also gives certificates at the end. And secondly i prefer some of the trusted bloggers like neil patel, harsh agrawal. They guys are really doing a great job.


Scope of digital marketing.

Learning never harms. Indirectly also, it will always give you some positive outcomes. So like that only learning digital marketing will also help you in any sector. Even many companies also require digital marketers. I will soon also write an educational blog on different jobs you can go for online marketing. We know that in today’s world everyone is becoming digital. For example even if we need the answer to a question which we don’t know, we always try to search it on google. Whole world is becoming digital so online marketing is always going to rule the marketing field. So there are very wide scopes of online marketing.

Need for digital marketing.

When it comes to the need of digital marketing then after reading the article you can also get it. For instance let me make it simple for you. If you planned to do a startup then how would you reach your audiences? How will you get organic traffic? How will you make people understand your services? Now think once which platform is better digital marketing or general marketing? And the answer is the digital/online marketing industry. Because of its simplicity and efficiency. You will get your converting audience after doing some of the optimizations needed. And let me clear that in these types of cases you will definitely require this industry to help you in making your business or startups popular. 

Role of this specialization in upcoming days.

In today’s world many revolutions are taking place in the internet world. And so here the role of digital marketing gets more and more important. Students planning for startups always need digital marketing. Companies are hiring more and more digital marketers to increase their sales. If we see nowadays only there are many roles in digital marketing. So definitely in future the role of online marketing will be increased. Let me also clear that you cannot actually decide the role of it unless you try it or make it applicable. Online marketing was not in trend earlier but when people started applying it then we got to know what is the role of online marketing. So always remember that the best is yet to come.

Impact of digital marketing.

If anyone does digital/online marketing with the right process for their goods or services then the outcome is always positive. Even there are some examples which can be seen. Like when experienced bloggers start a new blog they already know how to improve the ranking of the new blog through digital/online marketing. And they do it correctly. If you see newbie bloggers then you will find that they rank lower than the experienced one due to lack of digital/online marketing experiences. So the impact of digital marketing is always positive. Only in some cases it fails and most of the failed cases are the result of lack of experience. There are many important impacts of digital marketing PDF available online you should go through.

Why is this magical industry important for students?


After reading this article(is digital marketing important) you will automatically get the answer to this question: why digital marketing is important for students? It can also be counted as personality development skill. I believe that knowledge never harms. And now the world is full of innovations. I am also a coordinator of an incubation club in my college. Suppose if I find any idea for startups then how will I manage advertisement of it. Or how will I circulate information about my services or product to the people so that they can show their interests? Through offline marketing? No, it would become very difficult for me as i am a student and i will hardly get time in college hours. So learning the online marketing is always helpful for students also. I hope my points are clear.


Is digital/online marketing important for earning?

Let me clear the misconceptions. People think that online marketing can make money for them. Or it is the platform where people go for earning. This concept is totally wrong. When I say marketing does it mean earning? No, it only means marketing of products. So online marketing is not a platform to earn. But yes it is also correct that it helps in earning indirectly. For example when you are marketing a product you are increasing it’s selling and that will return you in form of earning. So, that’s how it works. And it also gives a boost in the selling of products. There is much information on the importance of digital marketing PDF available on the internet please go through them for deep analysis.

Is digital marketing important in e-commerce?

Now this question is something which needs to be answered in depth. It is a very common query about the importance of digital marketing in e-commerce. As I have written above, online marketing is going to rule the marketing world in the upcoming era. Let’s understand like this. E-commerce is the term used for selling any product online. Like amazon, flipkart etc are the e-commerce web applications. And when you do digital marketing for any product then you drive more traffic and convert your customers to buy your products. E-commerce is only an online selling method. So it is very important to do digital/online marketing for your e-commerce applications.


Who should join this industry?

Now the most common asked question is for whom this industry is good? People who are interested in online marketing or online earning should learn online marketing and join this industry. But students interested in entrepreneurship should also learn this skill. Because it will help them in the future when they will set up any startup and will require traffic and audiences. So anyone can join this industry. It would be easy for the people who have a computer background as it is all about using digital media. But with my experience I will only say that there are too many frauds in this industry so you better be careful. 

Is digital marketing important (as compared to general marketing)?

Digital marketing and general marketing are not the same as they sound. They both run on different strategies. It will always depend on the product weather to do online marketing or general marketing for it. Many experts prefer digital marketing over general marketing because of the upcoming generation. We all know that in today’s world we do most of our tasks on the internet so it gets quite easy to reach the audiences with any geographical reason. But in general marketing you cannot target audiences geographically as it would be very expensive. And how will you target a specific audience related to that specific field? So it would be very difficult in offline marketing.

My thought on “is digital marketing important?”


I have written this article from my personal experience as I always do. Believe me digital/online marketing has changed many lives. I personally feel that this is the best side skill anyone can have. No prior knowledge is required in learning it. It is the combinations or sets of some rules that you have used while applying it. Even in my portfolio I have also written that I am a digital marketer. And yes i have learnt this from various resources and blogging is also a part of it that’s why i am doing blogging. 

I have written an online marketing article because I like the topic very much. And I also want people to know and explore it. Soon I will be publishing an article related to jobs in this sector. World is becoming digital and so people should. Everyone is free to do anything then why not something productive. Still you are free to do anything. Please share the article is digital marketing important to everywhere so that they also get to know about this. Please write your query to the comment section so that i can clear your doubts. It really motivates me to write more. Thank you!!