What is Network Marketing?

Network Marketing

The term network marketing is also referred to as MLM(multi-level-marketing), chain marketing, pyramid scheme etc. As written it is also known as chain marketing so it is just like chain reaction. In this process a company or an organization advertises their products through a very large network.It can be also defined as the way of marketing goods and services. Here network is referred to a group of people in which both the company as well as the networking team both get their own benefits. It is just like simple marketing with some advantages and disadvantages. In this article we will discuss everything about this industry including their advantages, disadvantages, method etc.


Who should join this industry?

Anyone who wants to be a part of a large network or chain can join this field. And anyone who is passionate and focused about earning money can opt for Multi-level marketing. Another reason to join network marketing is money. Yes Multi-level marketing is the work which gives you an opportunity to earn money in a good amount if done in a systematic way. It is also said that it is the industry which produces millionaires and billionaires. Even Indian government has also agreed to MLM. But as I said that it can be fruitful if and only if done properly and genuinely.


How to join a network marketing platform.(network marketing tips)

There are simple ways to join a chain marketing platform. You should always focus on some points if you have decided to get involved in the industry. A we all know everything has both positives as well as negative. So keeping all the points effectively some basic rules to join a network marketing platform is given below

  • Try to understand the philosophy and culture of the company.
  • Try to understand if a company is selling good products or bad products.
  • You can always judge a product by applying the use of that product on yourselves. 
  • If you feel that the company is getting greedy or if you feel that anything is being unethical there then you should not join there.
  • See if the company is always focusing on profit instead of leadership and training then the company will not get successful at any cost and ultimately you would also not achieve your goal.

Advantages of Multi-level marketing.

As it is written earlier that there are many advantages and disadvantages in network marketing, I will try to list some of the advantages of this industry in point form.

  • Company and the team have their own profit.
  • Company pays when it’s product gets sold.
  • Network marketing teams get their respective commissions on each transaction.
  • Each and every member is independent.
  • Get to learn more about leadership, management.
  • And if done in a right way then earning can be very high.
  • Work from home is also available.
  • Both active and passive income is generated.

Disadvantages of network marketing.

As it is written earlier that there are many advantages and disadvantages in network marketing, I will try to list some of the disadvantages of this industry in point form.

  • You can get in trouble if you are a part of an unethical team.
  • Many companies escape overnight and the team money is gone.
  • Marketing of illegal products and services can also be done.
  • 80% network marketing companies are not reliable.
  • Making it the only source of money can result in career loss.

 Why does network marketing have a negative image?

As I have discussed above that everything in the world has both positive and negative points. And the network marketing also has a few bad histories due to which the image of this industry is not quite so well. I repeat it has a few bad histories. I am not saying that network marketing is bad. Due to some unethical work practiced by some of the corporate it almost spoiled the name of MLM. Yes, there were some companies who ditched people. For example, whenever we discuss the scandals then SARADHA SCAM, SPEAK ASIA etc always comes to our mind. They created a very large chain even though they made many millionaires but they were the network marketing companies which escaped with all the money overnight. And many more scandals like these took place and resulted in spoiling it’s name. And so the people fear to opt it.

Is it safe to opt for network marketing?

Network marketing

Due to the negative image of this chain marketing in the country people are forced to think this question many times before going into this field. And yes it is natural and before opting for any particular field we should always do a deep research and compare it with our need, desire, work so that we don’t get compatibility issues in future. And opting for chain marketing is always a safe and smart choice if you keep all the points in mind which is mentioned above as the rules or strategies to join the industry.

My personal views on network marketing.

According to me multi-level marketing is the best way to develop leadership quality. And it is also a platform which gives you an opportunity to earn a good amount of money without having exceptional extra skills. And it also gives the opportunity to work from home. The best part of it is that we can do it in both ways. Like we can be a manufacturer aiming for marketing of the product or we can join as a networking team. So i always prefer to join the network marketing field because if you fail in case of earnings then also you get to learn many things from there like starting your own chain, leadership quality, team management etc. For any further inquiry, questions, or suggestions you can visit the contact page of the website. And let me know how I can help you. 

Some source for getting success in network marketing

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