Future of web development

Web development is one of the important things nowadays. It is the new evolution to this world, this is because now everything seems to be done on the web page. One of the main

People who are associated with web development are web developers. The designing of the websites are assigned to the web developers by the clients as per their choice. The needs of the website could be seen in the business, everybody is trying to sell their products by making, designing and creating the website. Websites give enormous progress in the field of business because it gives the better online interaction with the customers.


The construction and the fabrication of unique and fashionable websites which mesmerised the audience are made by the web developers and designers. 


We are on the path of  future transformation of technology ,with the technical facility boundless today. The evolution of technology is with education of the computer, computing of quantum, Internet of things(IOT), and Artificial Intelligence(AI). Web loop is creating some more trends in the field of web development, which will dominate and influence the world soon.

Future of web development 2021 Saurabh Srivastva


  • Artificial Intelligence



We do not need any introduction for artificial intelligence. Everyday what we are looking on the web in the technical article, it just shows the requirement of artificial intelligence and it could be the succeeding trend in the future of the web. It could be already seen the requirements of artificial intelligence in many of the companies and the institutions. The advantages of artificial intelligence have been received by some of the businesses.


In the future of web development artificial intelligence could be the next drift. The justification of the statement could be seen as the lots of development and improvement have been made in the landscape of artificial intelligence. Society has already been introduced with artificial technology because the best or popular collaborative companies like Google , Microsoft have already introduced or launched their AI technology like google assistant. We could also see the effectiveness of artificial intelligence in building the groove websites of our own. The grid is one of the current applications of artificial intelligence. It allows the web development an uncomplicated process and set up for the captivate-based development. We just need to implement information without any templates or codes and it will give us what we want.


Websites to be moderately automated, we need a tool to allow this process which is called ADI tools.The Artificial Design Intelligence is the crucial unit of websites that can customize software by building and offering developers options. Major impact may be shown by the websites in a way they have been made by the web developers in the future. In the future of web development, this is now the high time for the web developers of artificial intelligence to actually give what the users want, not what they can make as a developer. To be a successful web developer, artificial intelligence should be in one’s mind.


  • Internet of things(IoT)



The Internet of things(IoT) is a system of interconnected computing devices,               mechanical, and digital machines provided with unique identifiers(UIDs) and have the       strength to exchange data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction and also they can interact and collaborate.


Few years ago, nobody could have even imagined that the Internet of Things(IoT) would grow at this much faster rate. If we see our lives in management, it becomes very comfortable due to the technology of the internet of Things(IoT)In. If we look at this question, is there any relation between the web developers and IoT, so my answer is no it is not but it is indirectly related.The web application which is needed for the analysis and data for the IoT needs to be designed by the web developers.

In recent years, few companies have also started working on Application Programming Interface(API) which needs a web developer to interact with the  Internet of Things(IoT).

It would require a flexible developer for the API which establishes the connection between the application and physical devices.


The Internet of Things(IoT) developers has a great future because it will continue developing for more and more years. One of the applications of IoT is fitness tracker which works on the health optimization platform. If one wants to have a higher salary job must join as a web developer in the Internet of Things(IoT). This  Internet of Things(IoT) will be on the major list of the future of web development.


  • Virtual Reality



Virtual Reality(VR) has done wonders in this world to make the virtual thing feel real,so it is the long awaited influential thing in the world. Web designs designed by the web developers have been affected by virtual reality because it has been illustrating the web path. Web designs have been affected in many ways because virtual reality has been illustrating the web path.


Web VRs or virtual reality have already been enforced by some of the major multinational companies like Microsoft, Google. The process of enforcing computer technology to an excited environment, so this is the basic work of what VRs does. VRs make an environment for a user in which the user experiences that thing ,which cannot be seen in any of the existing universal articulations. Users can bound and connect to the 3D world in real time without having a screen in front of them.


VR can arrange virtual tours in reality for the users which they can experience before buying any products. Many MNCs or industries are looking for web developers or designers who can develop a virtual tour for the customer with their business products. So we can say that Virtual Reality has a great future ahead because of its advancement of showing virtual things in real life. This VR will be a great thing in the future of web development.


  • Which language is the future of web development



As we know that the programming language is the major factor for web development. 

There are many programming languages that exist in the field of computers. And there are some advantages and disadvantages in every programming language and not just that every programming language is used for different purposes in their own field. In the era of web development , this is the main question of which web development languages is the future.


Programming language is one of the main components if someone is choosing to become a web developer, so the first thing they need to do is to find the most famous programming language for their purpose. As everybody says that everything has its own time or era, the same goes with the programming languages and their popularity also keeps changing with the time.


Some of the best programming language as the best language for web development are as follows:-


  1. Javascript :- Javascript is that language without which the world of programming language is abridged. The value or we can say the demand of javascript has expanded excessively among the web developers. 


For web or mobile , this language is used as the most important language. When we talk about the front-end development along with the CSS and HTML, then most of the developers use javascript only.

 Future of web development 2021 Saurabh Srivastva

  • Java :- If we talk about the language which is widely used as a programming language then it should be java. The value or we can say the demand has also been expanded due to its uses in a variety of projects.  



The creation of mobile apps or web can also be done with the help of this programming language. This language has  an immense control over the schools because this is the only language that has been taught in the high school. If anyone wants to be a web developer in the future should learn java.


  1. PHP :- We can say this as the next famous language, which is a very competent programming language. If we look around the world websites, then we will find that 80% of the world websites have been developed using PHP only. 


Many developers are against this programming language because it is a little tough (not actually) to learn but when we see the percentage of this language in world websites then we must try to learn it , if we want to become a web developer.


  1. Python :- This language is the well known programming language  among the developers. The foremost advantage of using this language is that it is user friendly and very easy to use.Secondly , it is very easy to learn.These are the programming languages for the web developers which they can use as the future programming languages which will shape their art.

 Web development future 2021- Saurabh Srivastva



  • New programming languages for web development


There are many languages available which can be used in this industry. Some of them are compulsory while some of them are optional. For frontend development HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT are mandatory. There are more frontend languages that can be used but they are not mandatory. For backend you can have many options like- Python, Javascript, Java, Ruby on rails, etc.


If we talk about modern programming languages then python can be taken as a modern web language. But every language get updates from their developers so it does not matter. It is upto the learner which language to choose.


  • Website trends for the future



In the future of web development , if anyone wants to see their websites at the top of all the other websites then they must follow the website trends of upcoming years.

The design of the websites is highly persuaded by the originality and technological preference.


Web development trends 2021:

Future of web development 2021 Saurabh Srivastva


  • Vlogs : The vlogs are going to be launched in the design of web services. As we see nowadays many people are spending their lots of time watching videos on youtube, so after seeing this scenario video marketing will definitely grab this market at its top success.



In the future of web development 2021, the vlog will be preferable over pictures and writing as it will be engrossing almost 80% of online traffic.


  1. Voice User Interface(VUI) : VUI makes the communication easier between human and computer. VUI has made it achievable for humans to interact with technology in a very easy manner. 


By using VUI many web developers have enforced a feature on the websites such as Customer journey Maps to advance communication or simple templates.


  • Virtual Chatbox : Chatbox is not just for chatting and sending text to one another , it can do much more than that. Life if we talk about the facebook messenger , we can do lots of stuff in this messenger. We can play games and share lots of stuff. 


In the future of web development chatbox will share an important place on the websites. 


  1. Comprehend SEO : Search Engine Optimization will be playing a great role in the future of web trends. So basically the point of doing SEO is how you can grow your website. You have to research the best keywords for your websites which will boost your website to be ranked on google. It will improve the quality of the content on your websites  which will give marvelous results.


  • AI and enhanced machine learning integration : These two things are going to be the most popular things at the top chart of the future of web trends. It is an estimation that even an average or below average web user will start demanding the websites which have been worked on Machine Learning.



Future of web development career

Learning web development honestly will never disappoint anyone. It will always help in getting placements or jobs in future. Not only jobs but if anyone is willing to do a startup then web development will play an important role in taking the startup online. And nowadays everything is shifting online means the internet era is becoming more and more powerful. So web development is a skill which will always gain you in different ways. And there are lots of other options too.


Web development examples

There are lots of examples of web development on the internet. Even we are using them too in our daily lives. Any website we visit is an example of web development. Like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Quora etc. They all are very common examples of web development. Even this website on which you are reading this article is a clear example of web development.


Where to learn web development in 2021


There are many online platforms which can be helpful in learning web languages and scripting. This article is all about the future of web development. But I promise that I will write an article soon about the learning procedure. I know it is bit hard to learn without proper guidelines but I will surely help you all in the next article.


My personal thought.

Future of web development 2021 Saurabh Srivastva

I always recommend learning. Web development is the leading demand of industry. Since everything is moving online with a rapid speed the demand of this field will increase only. Not only for job purposes but if you read this article carefully then you will get some points on startups. Means it can also become a key factor in expanding your work by engaging online traffics.

Freelancing is also a great option in terms of earning. There are a lot of demands of web developers for instant projects. You can go for it. Or you can also try some of the adsense programs you can join and show ads on your website and you can earn your revenue from there.

I know that this article does not resolve many doubts regarding web development but I assure you all that soon an article will be published resolving all your questions. Till then please ask your questions, in the comment section so that I can resolve your doubts.


Not only on web development but our team is planning for a series of articles on computer languages and soon you all will get to know about that. For further questions you can visit our contact page